Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Faces: All Things Australia

Happy Australia Day! I usually post on Monday evenings but I'll make an exception this morning. The weather is so nice and cool that sleeping in is not an option. No shrimp on the barbie but taking the opportunity to continue my quest to pick up a new language. I'm still at the alphabets stage so it's fun trying to put it all together.

Let's see... I've been calling Australia home for almost 9 years (It'll be exactly that long next month). It's where this young girl came out to this vast foreign land on her own to study. Fell in love with the culture and also the place where she had to grow up real fast. The people who have been incredibly friendly and accepting that I'm happy to call them mates. 

Most importantly, I fulfilled my wish to surf in my first year here. I miss surfing so much but I haven't had the chance to head down to the beach. I love being in the water so it's a bit sad. Will avoid the specifics why I have been so preoccupied.

Other than that, enjoy the holiday if you're in Australia. If not, have a good day anyway!

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