Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Faces

Painting with acrylics is still hard! I'm still spoiled by flexibility and the nature of oils where I can blend all I want while it's still wet. I'm glad that this piece turned out better than I hoped for. The original photo was taken by Elke Vogelsang who takes amazing photos. She took this photo of one of her dogs. It was such a intimate photo that I wanted to try painting it! (I adore black and white photography) I will post the process of this painting later in the week. 

At the moment, I'm tackling with skin tones with acrylics and it's not coming along well. I am tempted to turn to the pencils for some comfort but I will soldier on. Practice makes perfect! 

And finally winter weather has arrived in SA! Still a little warm this time of year but I still get to layer up, enjoy more teas and chocolate. 

Stay cool or warm wherever.

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