Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Faces

Just found out that Google+ does these auto enhancements on photos that is being uploaded. I kept playing around with last week's Monday Face to find out what's wrong with the colours. It looked fine on Tumblr and Photoshop but the colour goes off in Blogger. Thankfully with a bit of searching, all it took was to uncheck a box.

A bit of a mental block these days where the mind, heart and hands don't seem to coordinate together. Going to the museum to draw has helped but it came back again yesterday. It must be a sunday thing where it's telling me to switch off and rest. A bit of neighbourhood drama last night definitely hinder the 'rest' part. Excess alcohol and weed really make people stupid at times.

Luckily today's class was held near the beach so the twenty minute walk was refreshing. Lots of people exercising in the morning and dogs running around on the beach. Though I thought one dog was crazy to be swimming in freezing cold water but he looks like he's having a time of its life. Creative block, unblocked. Have a good week, peeps!

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