Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Faces

Chiara Ferragni

Ai Wei Wei

Funny how things are. This morning I was looking for a particular cardigan to pair with my 'art class' outfit but it was hiding somewhere. It turned up when I got home and it was in an obvious spot. I hoped that I wouldn't get caught in the rain this morning but I didn't get rained on. It did rain when I was walking back from the supermarket and suddenly I love the cool droplets on my skin. The pain in my foot had not subside but balancing a little to the left had made walking a little easier. Suddenly the pain was cancelled out of my head when I realised I took a wrong turn on the way to class. Oh well, it was just another route to the destination.

That is how funny how life is. The irony, the weird balance or maybe karma. Even though it's the little things but I have come to think that it's the universe saying that things will eventually be okay. Life throws you these curve balls to make you feel the pinch but you manage to smile after a while. Pinches, punches, falls... I had them all and plenty of those coming soon, maybe the next minute or hour. Somehow, a smile will come along too. It's just hiding around ... in an obvious spot!


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