Friday, August 14, 2015

Septimus Power/ Napier Waller

'The battle before Villers-Bretonneux', August 8th, 1918 by Sepitmus Power

Two trips to the Art Gallery of SA this month. First was to catch the 'Treasure Ships' exhibition which was fantastic. Was busy studying the maps and intricate details in each piece. Second round was to get another souvenir and stop by the front where they have works of Australian/NZ artists. This piece is one of my favourites and I'm now a new fan of Septimus Power's work. He was an official artist during the WWI. I've always been interested in what happened during the wars but more so now after researching on Grandpa early this year.

'The Ration Carriers' by Napier Waller, 1917

Another Australian artist is Napier Waller. I love the power of black and white so this piece is another favourite. Especially how the artist reproduced the struggles and emotions in the painting. A bit of history of Napier - After being wounded in action his right arm was amputated, but he taught himself to write and draw with his left hand, and continued his art when he returned to Australia. 

 Do check out their paintings in the art gallery or read more about them online. 

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