Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Faces

Conte & charcoal on wood

 This little guy probably best resembles a lot of us here in Adelaide. We just had the coldest August morning in 126 years. The tip of my nose feels like ice even indoors. Looking forward to my hot cup of tea right now. 

I've been sharing my technique of drawing on wood with my students. We started off with these little wood coasters that are perfect for experimenting. I usually prime these panels with clear gesso before giving them a light sand. If you sand it down too much, you'll be getting rid of the gesso layer. Repeat the process of gesso and sand one more time. 

The priming process is important especially when it comes to painting and I even do this process when it comes to drawing. The reason is it creates a nice texture where your drawing and colouring medium can stay longer. I also find the colour is much more vibrant due to the bite of the gesso layer. 

It's really fun to draw on these coasters so do have a go 

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Images: Pinterest/ Instagram/ Tumblr

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