Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Faces: A bit of sugar

Last week when a friend of mine went through my sketchbook, he said I should add more cute things. So I added these guys to the collection. These lovely sugar gliders sure made me go awww.... 

Still in awe after watching 'Garden of Words'. The scenery was stunning and I really wish I was there! As usual with most animes, there's always a great storyline. It's about a boy who wishes to be a shoemaker and he meets this stranger only on rainy days. They cross paths and look forward to the rain all the time. I won't give any more away. 

And the finale of Hannibal, .... omg... 

Now that I got all that out of my system, I set myself another set of goals for the next two weeks. A list of things to get done, bigger steps to take but all needs to be done to get out there and do big things. A bit more pushing! 

I hope everyone is working to their goals as well and have a good week!

PS: Finally it's cold like it's supposed to!

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