Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Faces

Definitely having one of those days where I can't draw and to top it off, I'm in full 'clumsy bear' mode. After falling and hitting my knee on the rock in Melbourne, I had to hit the exact same spot today. It started to swell again. After that, spilling water all over my computer table and carpet. So looking forward to the end of this unlucky day. 

My high school mate came over for the second time this year and we did a short 'va-kay' in Melbourne and around SA. So here are some pics instead of the mood board. Enjoy!

Winery in Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Cape Schanck

One of the many rock pools in Cape Schanck

Dolphin watching on the 'Temptation'

Tempura ice cream is a must at Tomiko

Taxidermy day at SA Museum

View near King's Beach

Big juicy strawberries that we picked

Home made crepes with fruit and jam
Loving the beautiful 'Sign & Numbered' in Melbourne

Beginning of the swelling in Melbourne
Surf Tan!
Roses near my place
Purchased a Kelly Smith book!

Went back to Little Creatures and love what they have done to the place

 Images: E.Wan/C. Wee

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