Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Faces: Go Figure

It's a challenge to think of how to make every Monday face different but for some reason this idea just popped into my head after catching up on my sleep over the weekend. I haven't been sleeping well since I've been prepping for the Melting Pot exhibition. This face is more than welcome to my other faces and it's a refreshing and playful change. Oils were painted on fabric and two black beads were sewn on. Go figure where's the face if you don't get it ;) Also, thanks to those who popped into the opening night of the Melting Pot. We had a great turn out and please feel free to pop into our exhibition. We'll have different artists there from Monday to Friday to give you a tour, answer your questions and all our artwork are up for sale as well. We would greatly appreciate if you'll help support our group of artists who are talented and hardworking. Best team of people to work with. I'll be working to get some prints going too. I'll put up more pics of the exhibition in the next post. For now, just a snapshot with my lovely friends.

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