Friday, October 30, 2015

Gone too soon

Two sad news in one week.

This evening, I paid my respects to an amazing guy. I've known him and his wife for almost ten years and they both welcome Dad and I into their families with open arms. There was so much warmth and graciousness. Hien is one guy who lived life to the fullest. He was crazy, kind, hardworking, straightforward and always smiling. Even as I saw his body tonight, all I can think of was his smile. It was contagious and genuine. He was taken way too soon and abruptly. I wish I could be just 3% of him. But I am grateful to know him, respect him and the big help he gave me a few years ago. Will miss his crazy fishing adventure stories and his smile. Rest in peace, Hien. Will never forget you and you are one in a billion. Please pray for his wife and two young girls. 

Yesterday I learnt of the passing of my literature and form teacher from secondary school. I cried when I saw the news and she too, was young. I remember her laugh, her big eyes but her enthusiasm for the stories was incredible. She taught us beyond the books and she knew each one of us personally. Even my parents remember her well. She has made a difference in my life and others just by having faith in us. The amount of support she gave when we were looked down upon was incredible. We were lucky we had her. We got through PL with her love and support. My heart hurts to know of her suffering but she is in good hands now. She is an angel both on earth and up there. I will make you proud. Rest in peace Miss Loh and thank you for everything.

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