Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Faces

I was a bit hesitant in using this drawing for Monday Faces. Partly, I felt it wasn't good enough but I decided to put it up anyway. It's actually based on one of the minor characters of the manga 'Samurai Deeper Kyo'. Her name's Kosuke who is a shadow warrior to the General, Sanada Yukimura.
. With her in mind, I added a bit of her character to today's lady in MF. It's full of action and I wanted to represent a bit of girl power.

The second girl with shades was done during class. There's a new pup in town and she's soooooo cute! She's a chow pup and she's like a walking teddy! I'm in love with her but won't get to see her for a few weeks as she still needs adjustment in my student's house. Missing her already...

Anyhoo, survived the blazing weekend so have a good week ahead!

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